SVTR to host VASA VEST ATV Safety course on May 9, 2015

Hello SVTR Friends and members-

VASA has set a data for the VEST course here in Southern Vermont.   The course will be offered on May 9th from 10 am to 2pm at the Newbrook Fire Dept in Newfane VT.  Registration deadline is April 24th.  Please download both the Parents Info Packet and Registration form. and return the completed registration form to the VASA office no later than April 24, 2015.

The state of Vermont requires that all ATV operators age 12-18 have passed a Vermont recognized safety course and been issued a certificate.  This will be the only VASA VEST course offered in the Southern Vermont area in 2015.  Please consider taking advantage of this excellent opportunity for your children.

-Bill Ortlieb
VP and Webmaster, SVTR

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SVTR 2015 news and meeting notice.

SVTR members and friends:

Spring is on its way in as winter is hopefully on its way out. I would like to say congratulations to our Snowmobile friends. This year they started a little slow but unlike the past couple years we received a lot of snow and they’re season is ending soon with a great year of riding.

meeting_sign   With having said great year of riding soon it will be our turn to again get out there on the trails. This Thursday March 19 is our first SVTR club meeting of 2015. The new 2015 VASA stickers are in and we will be signing up memberships. At this time there has been no change in the fees.  VASA fee for VT registered machines is $30.00 + $10.00 membership, and SVTR fees remain $15.00 first member, $10.00 second family member, and $5.00 for each family member after that.

Vermont State registrations remain $25.00 at this time. But may increase to $35.00 around July 1st. I will let you all know if there is any change as soon as it is announced.

A couple VASA events that are scheduled for this year: July 26th is the VASA ride up the Auto Road on Mount Washington. Check out SVTR’s or VASA’s website for info on the rules for the ride and August 8th is the VASA Big Event 5 in Danville VT. More information will be announced as the dates for these events approach.

This past year we decided to try something new to try to entice more members to help work on trails. What we did was for every time you the member sign in and participated on a scheduled work party we log your name for a ticket in a raffle. We drew the 3 winning tickets at our December X-mas meeting. Grant, Deb, and Gary were the three winners for trail work 2014 earning each of them a free 2015 SVTR and VASA membership. I really am proud to say we had 86 members logged as working on our trails last year and I say Thank You very much for your time and effort. Because it was very successful, we will be doing this raffle again for 2015 work party attendees. Future work parties to be announced.

To close I would like to say Thank You very much to our Landowners who allow us ride on their property. Without you we would have no place to ride legal in this area. So please let’s all continue to keep our trails neat and clean.

Lloyd Church

SVTR  Pres.

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2014 VASA Mount Washington Ride

Image from Mt Washington Ride, 2011

Near the top during the 2011 Mt Washington ride.

This Sunday, July 27th is the 2014 VASA Mount Washington ride. This is always a fun event and if you haven’t done this before, it is well worth the trip.  Here are the details:

  • Tickets will be on sale at the bottom of the mountain from 8am till 1pm.
  • Each ticket is good for one trip up/down the mountain.  We are not allowed to turn around and go back up without purchasing another ticket
  • Helmets are required for all operators and passengers.
  • Passengers are only allowd on factory 2ups and UTV’s with factory supplied seats.  No aftermarket “AddOn” setas will be permitted.
  • Once on the mountain, you are free to spend as much time as you like on the mountain up until the mountain closes.
  • Bring cameras and take lots of pictures.  Both the SVTR and VASA are looking for picture submissions from members on the ride.

Lloyd, Myself and a number of other SVTR members are heading up on Sat 7/26 and camping for the night then heading to the mountain on Sunday morning for the ride.  If you would like to ride along with us on the way up, we are planning on leaving from the Hannaford’s lot on Putney Rd in Brattleboro at 11Am on Sat 7/26.  Hope to see you on the mountain.

-Bill Ortlieb
VP & Webmaster, SVTR


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Club Meeting tonight

meeting_signHello SVTR friends and members-

The June SVTR club meeting will be held tonight, 7Pm at the Newbrook fire station.  Everyone is welcome.  Come join us.

Memberships will be available after the meeting.


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Work Party and Club Cookout – June 7, 2014

svtr_work_partySVTR members and friends,

A large amount of work was accomplished this past weekend. Thanks to all that came out and helped. As announced there will be another work party scheduled for this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday (same time & place) because there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to clean up waterbars and help dry out the trails as well as clearing downed limbs.

As is tradition, we will also be having our SVTR club cookout on Saturday the 7th at 1:00pm at the Joy Brook landing, to officially begin the 2014 riding season. This will be a “bring a dish” to share and the club will provide the meat and rolls.

We will also be selling raffle tickets for $5.00. The winner will have their choice of being reimbursed their 2014 VASA & SVTR membership (if already paid) or applying it towards their 2015 membership. The drawing will be done at the June 19th club meeting. You don’t have to be present to win.

I look forward to seeing you out on the trails this weekend and I hope all of our landowners can join us at the cookout as well.

Lloyd Church

SVTR Pres.

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Hill and Valley ATV Ride (NewYork)

Hello SVTR friends and members…

Just FYI…

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Trails Remain Closed

Hello SVTR friends and members-

Just a quick note to let everyone know that our trail will remain closed until things dry out and we have fixed up any damage from the winter months.  We will be scheduling work parties over the next few weeks to get things checked out and ready for the riding season.  Please respect our land owners and stay off the trails until we officially open them.

Thank you.

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