SVTR Trails are now open.

Hello SVTR Members,

After a long wet spring, we are finally able to open our trails for the season.  There are still some wet areas that we need to take it easy on but for the most part, the trails are in pretty good shape.  Very soon we will need to focus on cutting back brush along the trails as things are really starting to grow now!

We were delayed in opening the trails for a few additional days as the landowner wanted the gate at the Joy Brook landing repaired before we opened.  Lloyd was able to arrange for a welder to come out and do the repairs for us on short notice.  Now that the gate is functional once more, the landowner is asking that we make sure the gate is closed when we leave the landing.  He has been checking it regularly and has found it left open frequently.  Please make sure to close the gate when you leave.

We also received a complaint from the land owner last week.  Someone has been tearing up the field at the rifle range.  The rifle range is not part of the trails and there should be nobody riding in that field.  Please stay on marked trails.

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