Work Party Saturday 7/2

svtr_work_partyHello SVTR Members,

Trail boss Ray Leeman is planning a work party for Saturday morning July 2.  This will focus on the section of Trail 7 leading from the Miller Landing heading out to Trail 14.  This trail needs to have the brush cut back and some widening done.  If this gets completed, then work will move up to the picnic area where the view needs to be opened up again.  Tools for the day will be loppers, trimmers and chain saws.  Meet up with Ray at the Miller landing between 9am and 9:30 for work assignments.  Pack a lunch or visit the Dam Diner.  Grills are available for use at both landings and at the picnic area.  As always, if you use a grill, please make sure to fully extinguish your fire before moving on.

-Bill Ortlieb
VP & Webmaster, SVTR

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ANNOUNCEMENT: SVTR Trails Open for 2016 Riding Season

Hello SVTR Friends and members,

We are pleased to announce that the SVTR trails are now open for the 2016 riding season.  A very  BIG THANK YOU goes out to all of the SVTR members that turned out for the last three work parties.  Without your help, this wouldn’t be possible.  All that have attended a work party have had their names added to the pot for a chance to win one of three free 2017 memberships to be drawn at our Christmas meeting.  Every work party you attend gets you another chance to win!

View from the picnic area atop trail 9

View from the picnic area atop trail 9

For those that haven’t been out yet this year, there have been some changes to a few of our trails.  A section of trail 7 has been closed and replaced by what used to be trail 12.  A bad section of trail 13 has been closed and bypassed. Optional bypasses have been put in place for several other steep or muddy areas. The very steep and challenging section of trail 6 has been marked as “Expert Only” and a bypass around that section is now the main route for trail 6.  This bypass runs alongside a wet area lower down on the hillside.  As always, we must not venture off the marked trails and especially in these wet areas, we cannot have people tearing up the swamp mudding.  In addition, there are some areas that have been reworked with the landowner’s excavator and are still a bit soft.  Lets try not to muck up these areas.

The picnic area has one new picnic table that we put in late last year.  We are looking to pick up a few more this year and will be discussing this at our next meeting Thursday June 16.

We will also be discussing scheduling some night rides, cookouts as well as some organized rides with other clubs.

The 2016 SVTR Big Raffle is up and running!  This year’s grand prize is a Stihl Pole Saw and accessory kit valued at $550. The second prize is a $250 gift certificate to Brown Enterprises.  See the Raffle poster here: SVTR 2016 Big Raffle  Tickets are $5 each for 5 for $20.  Tickets on sale at any club meeting or event, Brown Enterprises, Wilmington flea market, from any club officer and many members.

Heres looking forward to a successful 2016 riding season!  Hope to see you all out on the trails.

-Bill Ortlieb
VP & Webmaster, SVTR

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Work party notice, cookout invite and meeting reminder.

Hello SVTR Members,

svtr_work_partyWhile our trails remain closed, we have been cleared to start working on getting them ready to open for the season.  We are planning a work party weekend for Sat 5/21 and Sun 5/22.  We will also have a pot luck cookout after the work party on Sunday afternoon.

Lloyd and I toured the trails with the land owner this weekend to find out what needed to be done.  For the most part, things are in okay shape.  Lots of culverts that need to be cleaned out, water bars to be fixed up and some but not too much deadfall to be cleared.

In addition, there are some changes that the land owner has requested.  A section of trail 7 needs to be closed and re-routed down trail 12.  The steep rough section of trail 6 is being closed and a bypass has been cut to connect the large trail 1 – 6 loop.  This new section will need a fair amount of work to clean up and smooth out. Another bypass for a washed out section of trail 1 has been marked but not yet cut.

The plan for this weekend will be to clean culverts, fix water bars and cleanup deadfall.  Tools required: Chain saw, rakes, shovels, tater diggers, loppers.  Once we get this done, we can move on to the other projects.  The land owner has asked that we be more aggressive about cutting back the brush this year so many of the upcoming work parties will focus on that.

Per the landowners request, we are asked that all 4×4 machines stay in four wheel drive while on his trails and that any 2 wheel drive machines should use tire chains to help prevent tire spin when climbing over the ledgy hill climbs.

Bring a lunch for yourself on Sat and bring a dish to share for the pot luck cookout on Sunday.  As usual, the club will provide the burgers, dogs and buns.

trail_closed_signPLEASE NOTE: The trails are not yet open for riding.  We have permission to hold the organized work party this weekend.  Depending the outcome of this effort will help determine if we can open for the riding season.  While Lloyd and I were out with the landowner this weekend, we encountered 3 riders on the trails with expired TADs.  This did not look good for VASA or our club.  We need to respect our land owner’s wishes or we won’t have a place to ride.  Not to mention, instances of illegal riding go a long way to work against VASA’s efforts to open up riding opportunities on state lands.  At the club meeting coming up this Thursday 5/19, we will be discussing how we as a club handle incidents like this in the future.  If you have any thoughts on this subject, we’d be happy to hear them at the meeting.

MEETING REMINDER:  This Thursday 5/19 is the May SVTR club meeting at the Newbrook fire station, 7Pm.  We will be signing up memberships after the meeting is adjourned.  If joining, please bring your valid ATV registration (Any state accepted) and cash or check.

Some agenda items in no specific order:

  • Work party details, work to be done, planning.
  • Illegal riding, how to handle.
  • Cookout planning.
  • T-Shirt/Sweatshirt committee, reassignment of duties.
  • Trail signage / trail map updates.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting and the work party.

-Bill Ortlieb
VP & Webmaster, SVTR

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SVTR Trails Closed / March 17, 2016 Meeting Reminder.

Hello SVTR Friends and Members,

Winter, or whatever that was, is almost over and its once again time to turn our attention to riding.

First and most important, our landowner has closed the trails due to extremely wet conditions.  Trails will remain closed for riding as well as work parties until we are given clearance by our landowner.  I know that with the weather as it has been, its very tempting to head out on the trails.  Please respect this closure and abide by our landowner’s wishes.

Second, SVTR’s first meeting of 2016 is scheduled for this coming Thursday evening (3/17), 7Pm at the Newbrook fire station. Memberships are available after the meeting.  If you plan to get your membership, please remember to bring a photocopy of your current ATV state registration certificate.

We look forward to seeing you at Thursday’s meeting.

-Bill Ortlieb
VP & Webmaster, SVTR

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SVTR Christmas Party & Meeting Announcement

XmasWreathHello SVTR Friends and members-

Thursday December 17th  will be our annual Club Christmas Party. We ask everyone to bring a dish to share, an unwrapped gift for the Christmas raffle, and lots of money because we will be doing a 50/50 raffle as well.

IMG_5607Refreshments will start at 6:00pm, meeting to follow at 7:00pm including election of officers. The positions up for election/re-election are Vice President and Secretary.

The Christmas Raffle and 50/50 raffle will round out the meeting.

We hope to see you there!

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SVTR Trails to re-open on Monday 11/30/15. Work Party planned for Saturday Dec 5.

svtr_work_partyHello SVTR Members,

We are happy to announce that our trails will be re-opening on Monday Nov 30 as long as we don’t have a measurable snowfall before then. We had to close our trails for the better part of October at the request of our landowner due to wet conditions. We ask that when you are riding that you slow down on the corners so as not to spin up the dirt and we also as that you try to ride the high spots on the trails and stay out of the ruts in an attempt to wear down the high spots and even out the trails.

Secretary and Trail Boss, Ray Leeman will be hosting a work party on Saturday December 5. Meet at the Joy brook landing at 9am. Ray will assign groups and duties.  Tools for the day: Loppers, chain saws, rakes and shovels.

We look forward to seeing you on the trails!

-Bill Ortlieb

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NOTICE: SVTR Trails closed and picnic canceled.

SVTR members and friends.

Because of the condition of our trails due to the amount of rain we just received our land owner has closed the trails until further notice.

Therefor, we have decided to postpone the club picnic until the trails are back open. I will keep you posted with updates as they occur.

Lloyd Church   SVTR

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