All about the SVTR community forums

All About the SVTR Fourms.

The SVTR forums are an internet based community bulliten board. Only members can post but anyone on the internet can read and search the fourms. On our forums you can:

  • Discuss anything you like as long as you keep the conversation family friendly. (No foul language please)
  • Post pictures. Same as above – Keep it clean!
  • Send and receive private messages with other members of the SVTR forums.
  • Search the entire forum by keywords or phrases.

The forums offer an Email like system called Private messaging. A private message (PM for short) is very much like an email. Each member has a PM inbox on the forum where messages can be received. When a member logs in to the fourms, the system will notify the member if he/she has received any new messages since their last visit. Members can read and reply to Pms just like email. The only limitation to this system is that it will only send and receive messages between forum members and not just anyone on the internet like email. Pms are not visible to anyone other than the sender or receiver of the message unlike normal forum posts that are visible to the entire internet.

The forums are organized by subject and individual discussions within a topic called threads. For instance, We have a forum titled “Meetings”. Within the meetings forum we have threads for each meeting date. Within a meeting thread we have posts from members that make up a running discussion about that particular meeting. This makes it easy to find or follow a discussion on any topic.

Members may create new threads and posts within any existing forum. Only an administrator can create a new forum area. If a member feels that we need a new forum area, he/she may post a request to the the general forum and it will be considered and a new area added if it makes sense to do so.

Our forums are free to join and use for all SVTR members.

As an added convenience, you can receive an Email notification of new posts or private messages if you like. This way you don’t have to log in to the forms to find out if there is something new.

How to join the SVTR forums:

Visit with your web browser.

1) Click the Register link that appears right below the site title banner.

SVTR Forums Banner Image

SVTR Forums Banner Image

2) Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
3) Fill out the registration form. Make sure that you use a valid email address.
4) Submit the form.

I will be emailed with your registration request for approval. Once I approve the request, you will be able to log in and post.

When posting, please keep the language clean and friendly. This is a family oriented site and as such, I will remove any inappropriate content posted here.

Feel free to email me at if you encounter any problems with the signup.

Bill Ortlieb

About Bill

SVTR President and Webmaster. 2007 Yamaha Rhino 660, 2011 Yamaha Big Bear 400
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